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Baxi Case Study: campaigns

The problem

Baxi encourage boiler installers and gas engineers to install their boilers via a loyalty scheme (Baxi Works). Key within this is not only to keep installers engaged with the Baxi brand, but also to drive installers who have as yet not installed Baxi boilers onto the loyalty scheme, and then develop them into brand advocates. This was to be achieved via a variety of marketing activities, but in particular Baxi wished to explore whether this could be successfully achieved via an email acquisition programme.

Our approach

Adroit ran an initial email campaign at the end of 2015 to approx. 10k installers.  This proved so successful that the format was repeated across further quarterly campaigns, as a multi-burst and multi-channel (email and SMS) activity. And SMS was used as the main broadcast tool for a campaign publicising the new Baxi app for both iPhone and Android users. Data was sourced from either cold data sources, existing prospect data, or lapsed customers, with extensive data planning to identify the top cells to contact. The broadcast was structured by cell, enabling full analysis to be undertaken to identify the top-performing cells.

The outcome

Across the entire programme, almost 200k emails have been broadcast, across 5 campaigns, with open rates averaging 20% and maxing at 35%. One in every 6 emails opened has been clicked into, so providing Baxi with an excellent mechanism to communicate their brand strengths and advertise imminent promotions. The programme has driven many hundreds of new installers onto the loyalty scheme, and also re-activated well over 1,000 installers. The cold data alone has generated ROIs in excess of 2.5x, and higher ROIs still have been seen for the prospect and lapsed customer data. A full nurture campaign programme is now being implemented for all new prospect installers to further drive acquisition volumes onto the loyalty scheme.