Data Warehouse Development for Age UK

Data Warehouse Development


To work closely with internal Age UK teams on a major re-development of their Data Warehouse, specifically involving integration with a new front-end MS CRM Dynamics solution.


Adroit helped redevelop Age UK’s internal data warehouse, working in partnership with Age UK’s development team and Business Analyst across 24 months, to support the new design, development, ETL developments, data migration, and redevelopment of the FastStats design and application. Due to the size and complexity of the project, there were several learnings and dependencies on other suppliers, so overall project management was key, and contributed to what became a highly successful project, involving high levels of specification and documentation. The sheer scale of the project posed many challenges, especially given that no individual had a full overview of all system components. We applied stringent levels of testing and extensive User Acceptance Testing to ensure that business rules were consistent and adopted seamlessly into the live environment.


This was a major and highly complex project, with a huge impact organisationally and culturally. The warehouse was successfully deployed and has since been running efficiently, providing organisation-wide access to up-to-date data in a highly timely manner, as well as full integration into the new CRM solution.

Technologies Used