Case Study – SCV Solution for Calor


Calor is the UK’s largest supplier of LPG to both domestic and commercial businesses, and has a diversified business retailing cylinders, bulk gas, appliances and a range of services for its various markets.Understanding and communication with these different markets requires the integration of different data sources, web information and external industry data.

In 2014 Calor approach Adroit Data & Insight to develop a new single customer view for Calor linking various data sources together, including a range of online services. The new single customer view was to replace an existing system which was no longer fit for purpose and hosted by another provider. It was imperative that Calor were able to use this new solution to generate timely, accurate and actionable business insight along with enabling Calor to conduct campaign work, including digital integrations with email web services for billing, staff loyalty and home energy checks.

The Solution

Single Customer View

Through a process of detailed business and requirements analysis carried out by Adroit with key stakeholders of the solution at Calor, we are able to design an SQL based single customer view which takes daily feeds from numerous customer management database, service delivery and billing systems seamlessly.  The SCV is a four level structure to cope with both business and household customers, and is hosted and supported by Adroit in a Class 1 Data centre.

Dotmailer Integration

As part of the Single Customer View project Calor migrated from their existing email service provision to a more advanced email service provider DotMailer, to support triggered communications and integrate with their e-commerce platform. There was a requirement to record all the email communications within the single customer view, along with the all email outcomes and interactions such as clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

Adroit developed an API integration between the single customer view and DotMailer in order to provide almost real-time feedback into the Single Customer View. Adroit also made use of the FastStats/DotMailer Integration to allow Calor to make email campaign selections directly from FastStats as required.

Web Services Integration

Calor has the requirement that there was a two-way integration between a variety of web service including Calor Account Online (A customer facing account management app) and Bullseye (An internal prospect information gathering system, with a staff loyalty payment). Adroit set about re-developing the web apps on the new hosting system, taking the opportunity to develop new features and future proofing the applications. These web apps were designed with the Single Customer View in mind, as a result were optimised to produce results quickly and allowed users to update details within the Single Customer View quickly with data validation rules applied.

In addition to the two web services requiring to be re-developed, the single customer view also had to integrate with the Magento E-commerce Platform. Adroit developed an API to take the customer data and web sales activity from Magento and into the Single Customer View.


A key requirement of the new solution was that data was accessible for interrogation by both none technical users and skilled analysts alike in a way which was quick and intuitive. Apteco’sFastStats Discoverer solution was selected as an appropriate system. Adroit designed and implemented a FastStats system which represented the Calor data structure in a sensible and logical way. Allowing users to gain strategic insight out of the system with ease. It also significantly improved efficiency as previous queries and reports which took several minutes to run were returned within seconds, allowing users to keep “train of thought” whilst investigating data problems and queries.


The solution is used by database and digital teams, and has allowed Calor to implement significantly more advanced customer segmentations for both domestic and commercial markets. Multi-channel communications are driven through the platform, which when coupled with full marketing automation capabilities, provides a superior campaign management platform. Overall the solution has provided a vastly enhanced capability for reporting and analytics across the organisation, covering all business areas.