FastStats Integrations

Adroit recognises that systems need to integrate, to share and move data in an appropriate fashion between systems.  Integrations are therefore something we specialise in.  We can advise on, help develop integrations and help build more complex and rich data infrastructure to support your marketing and operations.


Apteco has developed integrations with many different systems that are pre-built and just need setting-up, including major CRM platforms like MS CRM Dynamics and Salesforce.  It has a developer API, which allows for new integrations.  So Apteco has numerous digital integrations with major ESPs (Email Service Providers), such as: Pure 360, Adestra, Dotmailer, Sparkpost, Eloqua, Dynmark, etc.  Please contact us for a full list and an uptodate view of the functionality that each integration has.

Adroit's FastStats Digital Integration

Adroit can support your FastStats Digital Integration and set-up of utilities to support the appropriate data flows for regularly outputting data to a Digital Provider or ESP (Email Service Provider), and receiving back response data.  Essentially there are two separate utilities that are used to receive, gather and write digital response information to a database.  These two utilities are called the ‘EmailResponseGatherer’ and the ‘EmailResponseWebService’.  The database written to by both processes is the same.

In addition to ESP integrations, FastStats PeopleStage will support integrations with SMS Dynmark platform, Social Media such as Facebook & Twitter, as well as recommendation engines such as Trustpilot, and Web Analytics platforms such as Cognesia.  Adroit can help set up any of these or alternatively develop a bespoke integration using the appropriate API.

These developments can mean data is brought back to your SCV or data warehouse first, and made available to other applications as well as FastStats.   Richer data can also be included, so for instance picking up additional web-browsing data, which can indicate someone’s browsing behaviour.  Typically we might use taxonomies created in website Content Management Systems (CMS) to categorise different page URLs.

Integrations with Dotmailer / Adestra

Adroit has developed integration using both Adestra and Dotmailer’s API which transfers all relevant email data into a SQL data environment, with a set of pre-built tables and processes.  This allows for a wider dataset than is available from the core FastStats integration.  We can license this component as part of any SCV development.

DotMailer integrates with your FastStats system by utilising SOAP requests over HTTP.  For a one off broadcast, you can use a combination of the Email Broadcasting and Email Responses wizards to upload your list, schedule a broadcast campaign and finally receive responses from your customers back into your FastStats system for further analysis.