FastStats Discoverer

FastStats Discoverer is the data visualisation tool for train of thought analysis and marketing insight. It provides powerful marketing analysis with an easy to use Windows interface, enabling analysts to gain valuable insight to improve both the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their analytical activities.

What can you do with FastStats Discoverer?

Using FastStats Discoverer you can:

  • Target markets with easy data selections and cross tabulations
  • Produce stunning Charts, Venn diagrams and Word Clouds
  • Create customer and marketplace segments directly from visualisations
  • Produce PDF reports and transfer analysis into Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • View and sort sample data on grids
  • Export data in a wide variety of formats or directly to an email broadcaster
  • Perform basket and transaction analysis
  • Create stepped segmentations, next best action analysis, RFVs
  • Use expressions and wizards to derive new variables
  • Create and save templates for quicker analysis
  • Schedule standard tasks to run automatically
  • Create Storyboards of Analysis and share these via FastStats Orbit.