FastStats PeopleStage

FastStats PeopleStage Explained

FastStats PeopleStage is an interactive multi-channel campaign management application. It enables multiple users to implement marketing process flow diagrams that describe and automate your marketing through to a variety of channels. FastStats PeopleStage allows campaigns to become highly personalised, triggered to behavioural information as well as “offline” information to provide timely marketing communication programmes that operate automatically ensuring your customers and prospects feel understood and valued.

What Adroit Do

Adroit are able to help you set up, implement and use FastStats PeopleStage.  This powerful and easy to use software offers new levels of visualisation, interaction and automation for direct marketers. Working alongside the FastStats analytical applications users are able to utilise powerful segmentations, analysis and predictive models for targeting and personalisation.

  • Define your marketing processes as diagrams
  • Automate and coordinate complex communications
  • Personalise each message for every recipient
  • Use powerful analytics results easily for segmentation
  • Readily identify which parts of your marketing generate lift
  • Manage interactions with each individual
  • Easy to understand campaign performance reports
  • Refine your processes to increase returns
  • Fast to learn, easy to use and powerful
  • View appropriate levels of detail for your role
  • Trigger more timely, event-driven communications
  • Quick start your campaigns using existing templates
  • Supports multiple users working as a team