Analytics Services

Clear interpretation and translation into commercial strategy

Adroit are experienced in tackling common organisation-wise data challenges, including:

  • Identifying what and where the opportunities lie
  • Handling increasing volumes of data, data sources and number of channels
  • Harnessing data to improve marketing communications and campaign delivery
  • Adding analytics skills within your organisation
  • Connecting and integrating systems and processes
  • Developing and deploying advanced techniques such as segmentations, predictive modelling, artificial intelligence, and machine learning
  • Creating interactive dashboards and enhanced management reporting
  • Delivering clear interpretation and translation of data into commercial strategy

Artificial Intelligence

(AI) is used in a wide range of applications from driving autonomous vehicles to stacking shelves in Tesco.

Machine Learning

The aim is often to increase cross/up-selling or encourage users to consume more content.


We pull together the best, and most complete, data-set we can from the many sources you may have.

Business Intelligence

Our Insight Team have considerable experience in building dashboards using a variety of platforms.

Predictive Modelling

When this is applied to marketing context, it is possible to build models for who is likely to purchase, convert, or leave.


Understanding who your customers are, or who your prospects are, is vital if you really want to market to them effectively.

Adroit is a growing business with a broad range of technical, analytical, and marketing skills. Here are some of our Insight specialists, who along with our systems and digital teams, directly support clients.

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Alison Ogden

Alison Ogden

Senior Analyst

Jess Parker

Jess Parker

Senior Reporting & Insight Analyst

Ross Swain

Ross Swain

Head of Analytics

Louis MacGregor

Louis Macgregor

Fundraising Data Analyst

Ella Mcdonald

Ella McDonald

Data Analyst (FastStats Specialist)

Emily photo

Emily Pole

Fundraising data analyst