Business Intelligence

Reporting for Your Business

Our Insight Team have considerable experience in building dashboards using a variety of platforms. Therefore, the friendly team are happy to advise on the most suitable solution for your needs.

The Purpose of Reporting

Adroit develop insightful and actionable dashboard solutions to meet client needs, working with clients to produce tailor-made designs that fit the underlying requirements, available data and business drivers. Adroit can work with a number of BI Solutions, but we are strong advocates specifically of both Microsoft Power BI and Tableau as great visualisation and reporting tools that allow intuitive interactivity for users to explore the impact of their recent marketing or fundraising activity.

Where Do We Begin?

The wider accessibility to reporting tools, and their increasing level of commercial uptake, means that many marketing and fundraising teams are not only embracing these tools to monitor their activity, but also learning to build them themselves. Whilst we wholeheartedly applaud using internal skills wherever possible, just remember that while they look simple and straightforward to set up, achieving a really powerful dashboard takes a lot of skill, especially in shaping the data that sits underneath, and using the more advanced programming functionality (such as DAX in PowerBI).

If you need support in your implementing your dashboards, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Power BI

Microsoft Power BI technology is available within Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, and this means it’s extremely cost-effective, as there are no additional licensing costs for clients who already have this. As a web-based application, installation and maintenance is not an issue for users. Power BI is device independent, so dashboards can be viewed on mobile or tablet as well as PC. Other features include:

  • Multiple data source linkage including SQL, Excel, Google Analytics & a host of applications, including direct connection to SQL Server Analysis Services tabular models for data exploration.
  • Visualisation including maps, matrix, area, waterfall, bubble, line, bar and donut charts.
  • Drill-down functionality, enabling the user to see the underlying data behind the visuals
  • Ability to publish your dashboards online, instantly and securely
  • A growing online Power BI community, where tips and ideas can be shared
Businessman analyzing business analytics or intelligence dashboard, VR screen, KPI


Tableau is a standalone, subscription-based analytics and reporting tool, considered to be the leading application in its field in terms of data visualisation. Its key strengths are:

  • The huge range of data types it can connect to
  • The speed at which data connections and visualisations run
  • The ease of use, with an outstanding interface layout, intuitive data exploration capabilities, built-in quick calculations and a huge range of visualisations at your fingertips
  • Excellent product support including online training videos and user forum
  • Flexible deployment options including Tableau Server, Tableau Online and the free-to-use Tableau Reader