Excel Applications

Simple Excel Interface

Our insight applications philosophy is simple – give our clients control by placing our analysis back into their hands. In a simple to use Excel interface. Everyone has Excel, so we have built several market-leading Excel tools, using VBA automation to provide a simple interface with all the functionality our clients will need in locked-down form, so nothing can go wrong. Each tool has a standard look-and-feel, but is tailored to each individual client, so it genuinely is ‘yours’. Clients love them for the ease with which they can access our analysis and reports, and they can be easily updated to provide a very recent view.

Application Types

  • ExcelEnt – a charity reporting app that includes:
  • ProfilePicture – a profiling app that enables you to explore how different group of customers/supporters compare on a series of demographic (and other) variables
  • Prophesee – a forecasting app, primarily designed for charitable Regular Giving, but also of use in any membership organisation
  • LegaSee – another forecasting app, this time specifically for the charity market, forecasting legacy income, based on the life expectancy of your current supporter base
  • Media Visualiser – a tool to explore attribution and optimise the media mix for acquisition