How could Content Ideation help inform your marketing decisions?

Understanding who your customers are, or who your prospects are, is vital if you really want to market to them effectively. Understanding how to talk to them, how to best target them, or how to select the most responsive, will play a key part in driving up response and conversion.

Geo-Demographic Classifications

Your own customer data may give enough detail by itself, but invariably you will need to add further details of interest. This is where geo-demographic classifications (geo-dems) come in, offering a huge number of variables, at either postcode, household or individual level. We work with most of the top B2C and B2B suppliers – most commonly known are Experian’s MOSAIC, CallCredit’s CAMEO, and CACI’s Acorn.

Other uses for Profiling

Aside from the classifications themselves, there are a vast number of variables available which we can source for you – including attitudes, opinions, interests, shopping habits, brands, online behaviours, financial products, demographics, media consumption etc.

And for B2B, the list is inevitably more limited, but includes SIC (Standard Industrial Classification), no. of employees, turnover, growth, year established, site/branch/HQ metrics.

In Summary

Profiling is an invaluable, and relatively cheap, way of gaining insights about your customers, especially valuable for companies who are embarking on using their data in a more intelligent way.

Profiling can also extend into modelling, in that once we have established the profile of (for example) your best performing customers, we can then identify further ‘look-alikes’ within the B2C or B2B universe, and purchase these names and addresses on your behalf as hot leads.