Data Warehousing

Adroit and Data Warehousing

Adroit develops solutions using an Agile development methodology so that our clients are up to date with the project’s timeline. In addition, we can react to specification changes due to newfound knowledge (i.e. data quality issues, data insight, new business processes).

Model and Serve - Data Warehousing

We help our clients to consolidate all of their business data from multiple sources into a Data Warehouse to support intelligence (BI) activities.

We have decades of experience in developing and building data warehouses, whether following a traditional Kimball design and lifecycle approach to Microsoft Azure Modern Data Warehouse approach.

  • Develop solutions using an Agile methodology so that our clients are fully aware of the projects progression and we can react to any specification changes due to newfound knowledge.
  • Understand your business requirements to engage the business, prioritise the development, and deliver business value.
  • Design the data warehouse for flexibility, usability, and performance.
    Build and deliver quick, business process-based increments or packages within an enterprise data framework to deal with specific dimensions of the model.
  • Relate the DW/BI system architecture to meet your business requirements, data volumes, and IT systems environment.
  • Advise on hosting solutions.
  • Develop ETL (extract, transformation, and load) processes, typically using SSIS (SQL Server Information System) or AzurePipelines, with standard components to deal with common design patterns found in the analytic data environment.
  • Work with clients on data quality and compliance, helping to establish consistent Data Quality Rules, and integrate third-party components to support these if required.
  • Provide a complete solution including:
    • Reports
    • Query
    • Tools
    • Applications
    • Portals
    • Documentation
    • Training
    • Support

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