Cyber Security

Cyber-security is increasingly becoming a major concern among small and medium businesses, not just large corporations. A UK Government study in April 2017

Identified that half of UK firms were hit by a databreach or cyber attack in 2016 alone, with the average cost being between £75K –£311K for small businesses. Any organisation needs to take the security of its data and application very seriously.

Adroit has in-house experts and a range of partners to provide very high levels of physical and application security.  We will work with you to advise on how we will work with your data, and the levels of security that will be put around this to ensure that everything we do is fully compliant.  Many of the applications we resell have various options around access control which can be tailored appropriately to end-users, with functionality permissions.  Adroit is able to track who is logging into specific applications and can report on this.  We offer secure portals for information retrieval.

We are open to discussing the levels of application security, file transfer protocols etc and can help you improve your overall level of application and IT security on your own systems.

Over 70% of cyber security attacks involve web injection, and often follow automated website scans to detect weaknesses.   Traditional method of protecting applications rely on signature based methods e.g. SSL and are typically reactive to web attacks.  Adroit with Cybertytic can offer additional proactive protection which uses machine learning to identify attack characteristic.  This solution complements existing forms of protection to help detect attacks in real-time.

Our cyber-security and infrastructure partners:

Cloud Heroes

Cloud Heroes are our major hosting partner with data hosted in the Ark Data Centres, UK based Class 1 Data Centres. Adroit in conjunction with Cloud Heroes team, set up and manage a range of security around the applications and physical infrastructure for our clients.


Cyberlytic are developers of advanced web-application security using artificial intelligence to detect and classify attack data, providing maintenance-free and continuous protection against web-injection attacks.  Cyberlytic application was developed for GCHQ and HM Government is their major client.  Adroit will help deploy Cyberlytic applications.

Select Support

Select Support are a specialist hardware & infrastructure business, which provides services to Adroit and our clients.