Data warehousing is a large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources within a company.

Adroit have expertise in developing enterprise level data warehouses in MS SQL Server. We can follow a Kimball design and lifecycle approach to data warehouse development, and form a design that will suit the organisational requirement to support different BI requirements and platforms. Our team are experience in SQL Server Enterprise 2015 and can build optimised designs for end user and physical models.

We aim to follow a proven methodology; e.g Kimball Lifecycle. We would understand your business requirements so you can engage the business, prioritise your efforts, and deliver business value. Then design the data warehouse with relevant datasets for flexibility, usability, and performance. We would build and deliver quick, business process-based increments or packages within an enterprise data framework to deal with specific dimensions of the model. We would relate the DW/BI system architecture to meet your business requirements, data volumes, and IT systems environment. We would build out the extract, transformation, and loading (ETL) system, typically using SQL SSIS, with standard components to deal with common design patterns found in the analytic data environment. We can provide the complete solution, including reports, query tools, applications, portals, documentation, training, and support.