A Single Customer View is an Aggregated, Consistent and Holistic Representation of the Data Known by an Organisation About its Customers.

Imagine all your separate pots of data all pulled together into one place. Think what you could learn about your customers if you could relate purchase behaviours to attitudes, digital behaviours, contact and complaints data, campaign responsiveness etc etc. This is Adroit Unity, our Single Customer View.

Unity provides the complete picture of your customers from all the available data – that could include online, research, external sources etc. We have been building integrated views of data for some of the largest utilities, telcos, retailers and financial services organisations and using it to specific advantage. We’ve also done it for smaller organisations too, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Typically we might develop repeating feeds of data from your source systems to a bespoke data model. The solution will automatically load data to Unity to a prescribed set of business rules. We would typically develop in SQL Server, with feeds developed in C#. Web services can be developed and connected using SOAP/REST. We have expertise in integrating digital platforms and we can develop front-end access using MS CRM Dynamics. Apart from the in-depth analysis and insights that can be generated from such an approach, it can provide a great platform from which to build a Single Customer View, discussed in more detail on our Faststats page.