Spotting Opportunity for Growth

How could Content Ideation help inform your marketing decisions?

Understanding data, and translating it into actionable insight is part of our DNA, with a passionate team of practitioners and decades of experience. Understanding your most profitable audiences, spotting trends and opportunities for growth, and where/how you can acquire more of the same is a constant requirement of any successful organisation. Adroit brings this capability to you; delivering tangible financial returns by applying real customer know-how.

Adroit create advanced audience intelligence analysis which goes beyond traditional profiling exercises, driving a greater understanding of the needs and interests of your online customer or supporter base. We match the audience against available offline and online channels to determine their affinity, and can determine the most popular online content for that audience.  This can be undertaken globally.

Adroit interrogate, analyse and augment your data, presenting clear findings and possible actions. We link digital, transactional, profiling, social media and market research data together to form a true and in-depth picture of your audiences. We put data to work, identifying new segments, building marketing strategies and personalising your communications.  We help you to communicate this insight throughout your organisation in innovative ways that fit your needs.

Helping you innovate

  • On-demand data analysts, planners, scientists and strategists
  • Opportunity development
  • Supporter or customer insight, profiling and segmentation
  • Predictive modelling
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Apteco Marketing Suite™ build and deployment