Influencer Marketing Explained

What is an example of Influencer Marketing?

Influencers aren’t always high-profile celebrities. They can be anyone with a loyal following that impacts how people think and feel about brands, products and services.

What are the types of Influencer?

There are different types ranging from nano, micro, macro and mega. These all depend on their following, but even small accounts can have a significant impact. Influencer Marketing refers to when a brand works with someone who has a loyal following to promote their product. This tends to work better than the brand promoting themselves as their following trusts the influencer.

How to identify the right people for your brand

Furthermore, using relevant hashtags, topics, industry or brand searches, we can find authentic influencers. For example, we can use social platforms to see who has an influence on the platform for your brand. Additionally, we can discover influencers for varied demographics depending on the clients needs.

Find the most authentic Influencers for your brand