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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in a wide range of applications from driving autonomous vehicles to stacking shelves in Tesco; from powering recommendation engines in the likes of Netflix, Spotify and Amazon, through to interpreting speech using natural language processing (NLP) in Apple's Siri.  Artifical Intelligence Solutions are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in their use by businesses of all sizes and sectors. By 2020[1] it is estimated that 30% of all global IT developments will incorporate AI elements.  However, whilst there are many new technologies powering these applications, the underlying techniques powering much of today’s applications is not new.  Adroit have over 30 years’ experience in developing predictive analytics for organisations, including neural techniques, and we are using many of the new technologies to develop more intelligent solutions for clients.

AI might be a component of a marketing automation solution, deciding best message to present to your customer/prospect based on continual learning from responses.  It may be a solution to help your segmentation, or to lever new audiences that are not typically aware of your brand or reached by your current marketing.  AI’s strength is that it can learn across a variety of data sources – from traditional transactional information to unstructured data e.g. speech or a picture posted in a social media feed.

Adroit’s four-stage approach is highlighted below:

We are helping clients replace/renew or create models and algorithms using machine learning techniques to tackle previously supervised algorithms and move them to unsupervised or learning algorithms, where there is no or very little human intervention.  We will help establish the data environments, gathering and data engineering required to achieve the information set required to support the techniques. We can support your existing data science function or be it. So however you are planning to use AI, speak to us.

Neural solution developed by Adroit using Orange & Python (Anaconda)

[1] Gartner

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