Kings College London Trend Analysis

In comparison with many other universities, Kings College London has a high number of mentions (103.7K). Many of the College’s mentions relate to scholarly articles, citing research that the College has completed. However, littered between these are honest opinions bringing positive and negative sentiments from the public. We have put together an initial sentiment review to showcase how vital monitoring brand health is.

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Kings College Mentions
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Kings College Sentiment Graph

The graph explained

The above graph portrays the changes in sentiment over time. Sentiment describes how people feel online towards content posted by Kings College London. We used the keywords “Kings College London” and official social media handles to listen to what people say online. The technology we use for Brand Health monitoring is clever enough to understand the difference between ‘sick’ meaning unwell and ‘sick’ meaning great. Therefore, information can be used to build better campaigns, intervene in a crisis and monitor the trends happening within the industry amongst competitor tracking.

Kings College London Positive Sentiment

Firstly, the chosen positive peak reveals how much an individual can have on feelings towards an institution. A tweet from Tim Spector, “…I want to thank anyone who has played a role in this achievement, the whole team @Join_ZOE, @KingsCollegeLon and the 4.5 million users who have joined us in the fight against COVID” is a fantastic example of influencer marketing. A person who positively advocates for your brand and increases your interest is considered an influencer. Influencers can range from micro to mega. On this note, any positive content like this is fantastic for the university, raising credibility and brand awareness. Furthermore, we would recommend reaching out to those who authentically advocate for the university, like Tim and ask to use a snippet of the tweet as a testimonial on the site or even share on social platforms.

Kings College London Negative Sentiment

On the other hand, there are some negative peaks associated with Kings College London. We explored a tweet from @martinrw “”BREAKING: Boris Johnson’s new ethics adviser has just lost a vote of no confidence, in his role at Kings’ College London.” Although the conversation is not about Kings College and the negative feelings are not towards the College directly, it gives you an idea of how content plays with human emotion and how quickly Kings College could find themselves in a PR crisis.

Key Takeaways

We can monitor the trends, hashtags, and conversations surrounding your brand using our Digital Research tools. With this, it’s possible to tailor correct and timely responses; and even write content for now.

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