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In a bid to grow awareness for the Adroit brand, the Adroit Digital Team increased the amount of posting on Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. In order to do this effectively, the team put together a substantial reporting dashboard that reads insights such as the best time to post, followers, the best posts and more.


The aim was to increase Adroit’s LinkedIn following to 500 before June. The team did a number of things to rapidly increase the following, however stayed consistent with their campaign strategy and number of posts. Over time, the team monitored the best performing posts and replicated them to keep users engaged and boost our algorithm. One post in particular saw numbers jump from an average of 50-300 impressions per post, to 500+ impressions. It was noted that posts with faces and a story from a real person hit off with the Adroit following. These types of posts also encouraged employees to become brand advocates as they were keen to share their fellow collegues to their own profiles.

Screenshot of welcome post in February
Screenshot of Adroit's social dashboard for Ella's post that did well

Reach and Engagement

Benchmarks were established by analysing data from the previous week on Social, using a scheduling platform.

1 %
Increase in followers from feb-mar 2021
1 %
Increase in Engagement from feb-mar 2021
Engagement VS Impressions Dashboard screenshot


Although these types of posts do not typically sell our services, they are still selling the brands most important assets – the people. The same old sales slur can get tiresome so including quotes from employees about what they enjoy in the role, participating in National Days or celebrating a milestone are great for breaking up the feed and stopping the scroll.

It became apparent that having at least one post involving a face a week was crucial in growing the Adroit following and increasing reach and engagement. On LinkedIn, followers incrased by at least 20 when there was a face on the feed that week. On the other hand, if there wasn’t any personalised content – the number of new followers decreased.


In order to see steady growth in followers and maintain Adroit’s existing followers, the team intend to continue posting with faces and stories to humanise the Adroit brand. People recognise faces and may be more likely to sign up to your services products if they can build an image and rapport with your employees; which will eventually strengthen trust.

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