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Preference Centre

A Marketing Comms Preference Centre is a tool that helps you establish a high responding and relevant communication programme with your customers and prospects.

The deployment of a Marketing Comms Preference Centre to handle your customer data permissions will ensure you are 100% compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It provides an easy way for your customers and prospects to manage how they are communicated too, what they receive and how often they receive comms by giving them a centralised portal to control their options.

Marketing communication preference centers have a positive impact on both your deliverability and on your relationship with your customers and prospects whilst ensuring your data is compliant and up to date.

Some of the ways this can be achieved

Reduce unsubscribe/complaint/spam reports. There are many reasons why a customer may decide to unsubscribe from your list and attrition is normal. However, a marketing comms preference center helps provide alternatives for those who may be unsubscribing for reasons that are within your control.

When people want to remove themselves from your list, there are 3 things they can do:

  1. Unsubscribe
  2. Report you as spam
  3. Manage their preferences

You really want your customers to select “manage your preferences” instead of hitting the spam button. By asking your customers how frequently they want to hear from you and about what content, you’re putting control back in their hands and showing that you listen to their wishes.

To hear more about how a Preference Centre can help you prepare for GDPR please contact or 01285659855 and speak to one of our GDPR advisors.


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