Rachael’s Blog – Part Two

Rachael's Blog - Part TwoRachel’s work experience

As summer is coming to an end I thought I’d take the time to write my second blog. Sadly I am nearly at the end of my time with Adroit, with only 2 weeks left. Three months has flown by and I’m heading back to Cardiff University in just a few weeks to begin my third and final year.

When I think back to my first day, I remember how nervous I was. I was really concerned about the level of knowledge I was expected to have, however everyone has been so helpful and have encouraged me to ask as many questions as I like. It has made me realise that no question is a stupid question. This I feel will definitely encourage me during my final year to ask more questions to improve my understanding, which is fundamentally essential to help me succeed.

I have overcome tasks that prior to starting would have sounded incredibly daunting, however have proved to everyone and myself that I am capable of carrying out such challenges. During my time here I have developed a working Excel application called ‘Profile Picture’ using VBA code. Profile Picture provides an easy to update application, based in Microsoft Excel. It uses Clients data to create a set of visually attractive, detail and intuitive profiling reports. Profile Picture allows Clients to easily identify their target audience and compare comparison audiences against any other defined audience. This has improved my knowledge and confidence in using Excel and its VBA language. I feel very proud of myself for accomplishing what I have and overcoming the problems which I have encountered along the way. With this project I have also had the opportunity to get on board with creating some of the marketing content and development of the website for ‘Profile Picture’. I particularly enjoyed getting involved with this as it was very different to the ‘mathematical’ side I am used to, and it even allowed me to use some of my A Level Graphic Design skills.

I have also developed a project planner in Excel, which enables you to visually see the progress of a project and can easily be adapted to meet project requirements. This is currently being used by Clients and by members of the team here at Adroit. Other tasks I have carried out include the development of other VBA code, the analysis of competitors and an introduction to IBM’s statistical software SPSS and Apteco’s FastStats application. I have really enjoyed being able to get involved with different projects and it has allowed me to gain a wider range of skills. Knowing that some of the projects I have helped with are being used in the business to assist clients and Adroit themselves is really rewarding.

I feel that my confidence in presenting ideas and projects to others has improved with a variety of opportunities enabling me to practice and improve in these skills. I have chaired our insight team meetings, which has required me to organise the content and run the meeting. I have also had the opportunity to present projects to members of staff within the team. I feel like these are important lifelong skills that I know are essential for any future work, so the opportunity to develop these is invaluable.

The knowledge I have gained will definitely influence my course module choices for next year due to an increased understanding of what employers want and look for. I also feel like I have a greater understanding of data and what it can be used for, and therefore feel this knowledge will help me stand out from everyone else, particularly when it comes to employability.

Before starting this internship the thought of finishing education and having to go out in the ‘real world’ was very much a daunting concept. However after working through the summer and completing different tasks in an office environment I am feeling much more at ease and now feeling positive and excited about my future. I feel very proud of what I have achieved and feel I will be going back to university with a more professional outlook on my future and understand the importance of pushing yourself to succeed.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for the time I have spent at Adroit and the encouragement of the whole team for me to do well and get the best experience out of this.


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    RT @adroitinsight: Rachael’s blog – Part two. Find out about our summer intern in her last blog before returning to University. http://t.co…

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    RT @adroitinsight: Rachael’s blog – Part two. Find out about our summer intern in her last blog before returning to University. http://t.co…