Rachael’s Blog – Part One

My Work Experience

Being a second year Mathematics student studying at Cardiff University the question of “What do you want to be when you’re older?” would often get asked by family and friends. This question has always intimidated me as I don’t know the answer, but then is there a right answer? and if there is, when will I know?

10427359_10152674714343974_7474984180414065766_nI began researching various different careers and options that are out there, but I have realised that the best research is actually experiencing it. My brother graduated in 2014 with a Marketing and Management degree, seeing his work and hearing about the content of the work he did interested me. I liked the idea of making a difference to a business and helping them improve what they do. Subsequently this interest and my mathematical knowledge pointed me in the direction of marketing analysis and advising businesses on their focus market.

I came in contact with Adroit through a family friend who recommended that I get in contact to gain some experience. Originally I enquired about spending a short period of time for work experience with the company, rather than the whole summer. I heard back instantly and they were pleased to have me. I visited Adroit for a day during the Christmas holidays prior to my planned visit as they wanted to see what I was capable of and to get an idea of the projects I would like to get involved with. During my visit I instantly felt welcome in the office with everyone being very friendly and in a festive mood.

Following my successful Christmas visit I thought I would enquire as to whether they would be interested in me spending a longer period with them throughout my summer holidays. They responded very quickly confirming they would be pleased to have me, which I was thrilled with. Many of my friends from uni struggled to find appropriate internships or jobs for the summer, so I felt quite lucky to have fallen into this position so easily.

Returning back from Cardiff, after a week of relaxing and partying following my exams, I immediately started at Adroit. My previous holiday work included factory work, waitressing, cleaning, all the typical student jobs, however I felt this was my first ‘real’ job. I had mixed feelings of both anxiety and excitement about starting.

I went in on my first day feeling unsure as to what kind of work I would be doing, but felt keen to learn and have a new challenge. I soon discovered that the project I would be involved with would be using some of my previous knowledge of VBA, which I had recently completed a module on at uni.

Before working with Adroit I felt that I had very little knowledge of VBA and never would have imagined I’d be able to use it to create an actual application. I started with very little confidence in myself and my work, however feel my knowledge and self-confidence has developed and grown, even after only a few weeks of being there. I have received positive feedback from a number of different colleagues within Adroit which has been really satisfying and has motivated me to want to learn and do more. I have felt during just three weeks of being there my knowledge of VBA has increased so much in comparison to when studying it for over four months at University. I feel I have learnt more through using the programming language to tackle a real life problem and becoming more accustomed to Excel though my day to day work than I had by learning it through theory.

With still over two months to go of my internship I hope to get involved with other projects, to give me an insight into other areas that the company are involved with before returning for my final year in Cardiff.


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