Share-of-Voice Analysis Day of the Girl Child

Adroit to assessed the effectiveness of the communications leading up to, during and after the Day of the Girl Child event. This case study compared “share of voice” with the other major charities and NFPs that also support this event.


Day of the Girl Child Event

The Day of the Girl Child event is heavily supported by the charity Plan International and is also important to other charities such as UNICEF and Save The Children. Of all the charities, Plan International has perhaps the most significant focus on this event and supports this through promotional activities that operate most of the year.

Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations. The first event was held on October 11, 2012. Now an annual event, Day of the Girl Child seeks to bring awareness and solutions to the unique challenges that girls worldwide face every day and promote girls’ empowerment and fulfil their human rights.

The Influencer effect

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UNICEF’s large engagement, had roots in its brand ambassadors. One engaging post from David Beckham yeilded a fantastic number of likes on Instagram


Adroit researched the Share-of-Voice generated by several major NFPs, including PLAN, UNICEF and Save The Children. While data before and after the event was important, the most important phase was understanding social response during the event itself, which tends to morph as the event occurs. Hence, “live tracking” of the event was undertaken, and we were able to respond to new topics, posts, trends and reaction as they happened.

The first step to enable live tracking of an event (and all related campaigns) was to identify all the most likely hashtags, keywords, content sources, channels, and authors included in the analysis. Adroit set up live monitoring of these activities.

To provide a further comparison, the charities’ respective performance was compared across two separate years of the event. Interactive dashboards were created plotting each charity’s relative performance, the overall campaign impact, social engagement, and the interaction with key online authors and influencers.

Analysing Campaigns

Sometimes we overlook the importance of the standard key metrics:

  • Mentions
  • Engagement: sum of actions made by others on that article/post, e.g. like
  • Engagement rate: engagement concerning mentions


However, when you look at these metrics in terms of share of voice, it can show the differences in strategy success and give more insights. If you notice that another organisation has a higher engagement rate, looking at their content and understanding their strategy can be vital in saving money on paid advertising and time spent in curating content and increasing the ROI.

SOV Mentions

Any time the terms have been mentioned. This could be multiple times per author.


The engagement of an article/post is the sum of actions made by others on that article/post.

Engagement Amplification

The amount of engagement generated from the mentions.

Global campaigns or broader topics can use social media data to compare and benchmark performance. We determined the “share of voice” for major charities for this campaign, which provided valuable insight and guidance for future strategy.
Aside from helping improve performance and ROI, analysis campaigns can reduce the need to operate paid advertising and the time required to curate content.
As the graphs demonstrate, the three organisations had a differing engagement rate. As a general principle, a campaign with lower mentions but higher engagement has potentially greater scope to be grown further.
Screenshot of Leah Williamson's Instagram Takeover

Despite Save the Children having the least number of engagements and mentions, they had the highest engagement rate. They achieved 3.9k mentions and 27.6 thousand engagements. These impressive figures showed that their strategy worked well.

The extensive engagement could be attributed to the posts relating to the Coaching for Life programme with Arsenal Football Club.


Adroit analysed all accompanying activity for the event in a comparative view of the global response to the Day of the Girl Child campaign. The campaign analysis produced some interesting findings:

It would be natural to focus on activity immediately before and after an event that is, in effect, just one day. But the analysis demonstrated the impact of Plan International running activities throughout the year, which bought them a much higher share-of-voice. Year-on-Year analysis demonstrated how changes in tone of voice had yielded better results.

While Plan International undertake significant and ongoing emphasis on Day of the Girl Child throughout the year, prior to this analysis they were not enjoying the same levels of engagement as the other charities. In the first year analysed, sentiment analysis categorised Plan International’s posts as being predominantly negative due to the nature of the content. This meant people were less likely to ‘like’ these posts and felt less comfortable sharing them. This shows the importance of benchmarking to see how positive and negative content impacts KPIs and donations. This also highlights the significance of setting goals that are campaign-specific as although Plan International may have received less reach and engagement they may have received more donations. Using intentionally provocative content is a strategy that can start conversations, increases mentions, increase reach and ultimately encourages donations. In the second year, Plan’s tone of voice adapted and more positive content was published with a focus more on “empowered women” as a theme, which led to a substantial increase in engagement.

UNICEF’s large engagement, had its roots in its brand ambassadors. One engaging post from David Beckham yielded 277,179 likes on Instagram.

Media Planning & Targeting

Adroit developed detailed market & media planning for London launch. We linked together multiple data sources, and sized the potential market for both households and businesses.
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