SMS Marketing Explained

What is SMS Marketing?

In its simplest form, SMS Marketing is Marketing via text message. This typically would include an update about services, surveys, important information or inviting the customer back to complete an action they previously ignored.

Is SMS Marketing effective?

SMS Marketing allows you to send a message out quickly, allowing for fast responses and amplifying a message fast. You could argue that this is the most effective way of marketing due to how personalised it is and the likelihood of someone checking their text notifications is higher than email.

How to get started?

It is possible to gain the numbers of contacts through webforms, popups and surveys. Once you have obtained their number and they have actively accepted the opt-in statement then you can begin to send automated messages out via text message using our services. You can send messages to your contact base through SMS messaging. These are usually your hottest leads, or employees who should expect to hear something from you swiftly.

Want to get started?

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