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Need help maintaining your Social Media presence?

Staying connected can become overwhelming. Adroit’s solution to Social Media and Content Marketing employs a ‘data-driven’ approach to campaigns. We ensure that campaigns outperform current KPIs.

Typically, we are asked by clients to complement their existing creativity and content with a highly effective approach to the campaign planning and delivery phases.

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Working Together

We work collaboratively with our clients and look to complement their existing skills and capabilities. As such, every relationship is different, and we tailor our approach accordingly. In general, we are asked to assist through:

  • Finding new audiences to engage with
  • Improving ROI to get more out of your budget
  • Analysing your competition and identifying opportunities
  • Improving AD targeting
  • Determining the most effective messaging
  • Automating campaign delivery
  • Saving your time

These capabilities ensure you deliver on the many opportunities that Social Media offers. We typically support both content-based ‘natural’ and paid media campaigns.

Tools & Techniques for Social Media Marketing

Here at Adroit, we utilise a range of techniques and tools to improve the performance of your campaigns. These are employed during three distinct phases:

  • In the planning phase, we undertake audience analysis, research, assess potential placements, targeting options and timing.
  • During the campaign we perform A/B testing, assess all aspects of the campaign with the aim of improving performance through continual refinement
  • Post campaign, we deliver a suite of reports so that you can assess results – not just the top-line performance of the campaign – but understanding who engaged and using other digital data to determine the overall reach that was achieved.

By delivering well-targeted, evidence-based campaigns, ROI can increase significantly. This ensures budget-friendly campaign management.

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Analysis & Learning

Your campaigns are doing well… now what? Campaigns can perform well for a number of reasons, including who was tagged in the post, the hashtags used, the imagery, links and type of content. The timing of campaigns is also critical, in order to catch current/popular topics and themes.

Furthermore, generating insights is important for future campaigns to understand what works well with your audience(s). We advocate putting the same amount of time and effort into your reporting as your campaign. In measuring and justifying social media campaigns, we look beyond the top-line numbers to assess:


Developing relationships becomes more important as your reach increases. Each supporter has a network that can share content so engage with the followers. You should focus on the one’s with a larger following or significant influence.


Any relationship that yields tangible benefits is working. Did someone you have been engaging with on Twitter volunteer or sign a petition? There are great outcomes which need to be tracked to demonstrate ROI.


We all know celebrity endorsements can be successful but also pricey. Sharing content from your followers and supports can create great results too. The top engaging Twitter posts were audience-led content.


On the surface, lots of likes and comments look great but it is not until you dive into the context of these interactions that you receive useful insights. For example, a high number of comments could be generating negative feedback.

Social Media Reporting

Finally, here are some examples of social dashboards that we use to track various actions from our followers. We use these insights to improve future campaigns and ensure, through careful monitoring, that campaigns are achieving the desired result.

Social Engagements and impressions Adroit reporting dashboard screenshot
Social Media Followers Dashboard Screenshot

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