Trend Analysis Examples

Our Digital Marketing experts have used Digital Research to highlight the importance of monitoring brand health/trend analysis. We chose the following businesses due to their proximity to our Cirencester offices and a couple of Universities to research to showcase our capabilities for a range of sectors.

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Dyrham Park

Museum in the Park

Corinium Museum

Cheltenham Races

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

Barn Theatre

University of Bath

University of Cambridge

Kings College London

University of Kent

Do people crave face-to-face in a post-pandemic world?

Arguably, yes, but this doesn’t eliminate the need for a digital presence. Even when you are visiting a business face to face, I bet you’ve used your digital maps to find your way. Are you looking for an activity to do on a rainy weekend? Google never fails to find something and location features are particularly useful if you are looking for something in the area.

We’re trying to say that people come online to find out where, why and what your business has to offer; and why it’s better than any competitors out there. If you’re solely relying on word of mouth, you’re potentially losing out on many customers.

Moreover, we cannot stress the importance of a Social Media presence enough. People use Social Media to interact with loyal customers, grow brand awareness and authority. You could also argue that Social Media platforms are secondary websites for your brand, where people can search via Geolocation or hashtags to find the things they’re looking for.

Engaging with your audience and keeping on top of a crises has never been easier with the use of Trend Analysis!

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