Competitor Analysis - UNHCR

UNHCR were challenged with identifying potential audience, segmenting their potential and existing audiences and subsequently tailoring content.


Help UNHCR effectively reach their key audiences and boost engagements across all channels. Adroit began the proposal by defining the purpose of Online Audience Profiling, which included:

  • Identifying audience characteristics
  • Obtain insights such as demographics, interests, online habits & purchasing behaviour
  • Identify media consumption
  • Optimise the targeting of advertising campaigns online and offline
  • Personalise campaign messaging according to each audience or segment

What we did

We analysed UNHCR’s competitors followers and split them into the French speaking audience and the English speaking audience. This way we can segment the audiences in order to create tailored audiences.

We compared the insights form the competitors audience with UNHCTR Canada’s current audience to see where the differences lie ignorer to create content to engage with these potential audiences.

The segments are identified based on the similarities and engagement between networks of individuals. The segments identified for the English speaking competitor audiences were very different in comparison to the French speaking which showed us that the content needed to be tailored differently.


Once the segments are identified, there is an option to export segments of individuals to market to directly using the relevant platforms to create target audiences. You can also use them to enhance lookalike audiences to avoid missing hidden markets. Within the research we identified micro influencers which can be a cost-effective way of digital marketing. One was a journalist which could be messaged directly with the strategy of a reply or sharing the content so that it can reach her audience without an change of money.



English Segmented Audience of 43.09% for Ontario Sports


French Segmented Audience of 28.14 for Amateur ici

Audience Interests

Not only was it key to identify where, when and how to resonate with UNHCR’s audience, but to understand their interests so that they could tailor their content to resonate with more people. Using Audience Intelligence tools, Adroit found that a large number of UNHCR’s audience were interested in Travel. When we looked deeper into this, we found more specifically the type of travel people were interested in was tourist destinations, rather than ‘honeymoons’ or ‘vacation rentals’.These insights can inform where to place advertising as well as content ideation.


By using a data-driven campaign, ROI can be significantly increased and improve the success of the campaign.

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