Identifying Corporate Partners

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is an international organisation committed to protecting rights and saving the lives of refugees. UNHCR’s challenge was identifying corporate partners whose values aligned to create authentic content to meet their goals.


Help UNHCR effectively identify the corporate partners who would be most beneficial to approach. Adroit began the proposal by defining the purpose of Online Audience Profiling, which included:

  • Identifying target audiences
  • Identify corporate partners affiliated with UNHCR
  • Rank identified corporate partners’ affiliation to UNHCR’s audience

What we did

We analysed UNHCR’s online followers using audience intelligence technology which uses social media data.

We identified possible corporate partners which were affiliated with the followers as well as UNHCR and then ranked their affiliation. The corporate partners identified were based on the similarities and engagement between networks of individuals.

Animated audience of individuals stood in a crowd

Corporate Partners

A corporate partnership is a relationship between a Not For Profit (NF) and a company which benefits one another.

Once we identified the corporate affiliates, we exported the individual contacts so that UNHCR could contact them directly using the relevant social networks utilising these new target audiences. UNHCR could directly contact them to discuss relevant partnership deals.

As well as corporate partners, within the research, we identified influencers at different tier levels to enable UNHCR to reach out or market to them directly. We were able to determine segments of influencers based on their type of role, such as Journalists, Blog writers etc., which could be messaged directly or marketed to as a segment to assist with message amplification.


By identifying the most authentic influencers, the content can reach a significantly wider audience. The audience is also likely to engage more with the content due to the targeting as a consequence of the audience analysis. Engagement often correlates with rapport and research suggests donations can increase as a result of increasing rapport. In addition, by discovering partnerships relevant to the target audience, you can make an evidence-based decision and increase commercial effectiveness with the budget.

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