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The University of Kent has a high positive sentiment. However, it’s essential to understand how quickly public opinions can change and how fast you can find yourself in a PR/reputation crisis because of something written online. So we have put together an initial sentiment review to showcase how vital monitoring brand health is.

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The graph explained

The above graph portrays the changes in sentiment over time. Sentiment describes how people feel online towards content posted by the University of Kent. We used the keywords “The University of Kent and official social media handles to listen to what people say online. The technology we use for Brand Health monitoring is clever enough to understand the difference between ‘sick’ meaning unwell and ‘sick’ meaning great. Therefore, information can be used to build better campaigns, intervene in a crisis and monitor the trends happening within the industry amongst competitor tracking.

University of Kent Positive Sentiment

Firstly, we’ll look at a positive peak in sentiment, which is contributed to by an online article written by the Mail Online. The article is headlined “Kent doctor and his family go viral with hit hilarious lockdown rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. This content is light-hearted and shows a different side to a lecturer the students know. During unprecedented times, where mental health services are high in demand, content such as this is important to keep spirits high and students engaged. This type of content has many uses. For example, the video can be utilised and re-branded for the universities’ social media, and blogs, press releases, and interviews can be created off the back of this. Not to mention the article shared on the University of Kent’s social media.

University of Kent

There are a couple of negative peaks in opinion towards the University of Kent on the flip side. ‘Spiked’ appears to be a student-led blog that aims to address student issues and feelings. One blog, in particular, focuses on “How thought control took over campus”. The University of Kent is mentioned in the sentence, “At the University of Kent, for example, students need to take a ‘diversity course’ that argues that wearing second-hand clothes and using swear words can be examples of ‘white privilege.”. This type of content could get out of hand quickly; Therefore, having a holistic view of all conversations, including the University of Kent, can help put the fire out quickly before it spreads and becomes a vast reputation crisis. In this instance, we would recommend facing this blog head-on and using a counter-argument against it. Alternatively, working with those who wrote the blog to develop a positive way to tackle these issues, to make the author and those who agree with what’s written feel heard and valued.

Key Takeaways

Never miss what’s being said about the University of Kent online again! Using our Digital Research tools, we are able to monitor the trends, hashtags and conversations surrounding your brand. With this it’s possible to tailor correct and timely responses; and even write content for now.

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