My Work Experience 2018

My Work Experience 2018

Work Experience with Adroit Data & Insight

I have experienced work life as part of the Adroit team for Two weeks now. This was part of my Year 10 work experience programme.

Throughout the duration of these past two weeks I have been testing the water in different Jobs. Each among the various departments Adroit has to offer.

I have also had access to Adroits preferable software they use when it comes to dealing with data. As well as the tools they use to display and present trends and statistics within the data.

On my first day the nerves hit me. The emotion was overwhelming but I was learning it was normal. Especially when entering an unfamiliar environment. Yet after a quick introduction to the Adroit team my nerves were gone and put to ease. I have never myself come across such a sincere and positive group of people in one space. It was very inspiring to watch these people work on things they are passionate about. It was also interesting to see how they dealt with problems as a team. They each brought their own expertise to the table and together laid out a banquet of solutions.

During the two weeks an employee gave me a project  to complete on a deadline. This was a great experience for understanding what it is  like to be at work. My project was to look into the statistics of something that interests me. Then to create a dashboard to show my results. My decision was to use Youtube’s statistics. I used these to  compare four channels against each other . The comparison was on views, subscribers, daily gains and earnings. I found the whole project  engaging . I loved finding out what goes on ,that we don’t see, behind youtube channels.

I faced a few problems with the suggested Power Bi software when presenting my data. None the less I found alternatives on how I could display it. Being in this work environment had filled me with drive and determination.  I used these attributes to complete something to show for my project.

A department within Adroit that I found particularly interesting was the digital marketing team. I helped them choose the best application to rank keywords.  This meant they could help bring companies adverts to the top of googles page. This  made me feel included and here I felt I had a voice. It was lovely that they treated me the same as everyone else, I felt so mature. I was also given access to Cominugator. I used this tool to help upload and edit events for Baxis training sessions.

This meant I was doing REAL work for REAL clients !

I was really becoming a part of the Adroit team (even if it was only temporarily).

Finally I travelled with a few Adroit employees and one of the owners of the business to Baxi in Warwick. Baxi is a main client of Adroits. There I was involved in two meetings . In the meetings I took notes from what each business had to say. From listening to everyone speak and the notes I took I gained a further understanding of a businesses needs. I learnt how businesses want to target consumers and ways of doing it.

I have thoroughly  enjoyed observing some of Adroits employees complete their work and being able to learn from their strategies. I will take so much knowledge back to school with me from each one of them. The discovery of rolled ice cream at the Cirencester farmers market will be a lasting memory too!

I would like to thank all of Adroit for allowing me into their work place for these two weeks. Also for all the skills I can take with me to excel in any future careers I may have. I will be forever grateful.

By Kelsey Shilton (Temporary Adroit Team Member)

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