Work Experience

Work Experience

I am a mathematics undergraduate going into my final year at the University of Exeter and have just finished working with Adroit over summer. I worked there for about 2 months and it has absolutely flown by!

My first day actually wasn’t in the office, I happened to begin my internship on a company day out. We went to Keynes Country Park for a day of activities including archery, raft building, kayaking and canoeing. This was a really great way to meet everyone, and I immediately felt relaxed and part of the team. Luckily I bypassed the first day nerves when I came to work in the office thanks to the day out.

Adroit has the friendliest and nicest atmosphere I could’ve hoped for, my colleagues at the time were fun to work with and super kind, I was provided with all the support I needed.

I began working around the office, shadowing and learning about the different roles and sectors of the company. I then moved on to jobs in social and email marketing with the digital team. I helped put together some blogs on GDPR for the company’s website and twitter page. I’ve worked with one client and helped set up some event campaigning using the CommuniGator platform.

Afterwards I worked with the analytics team where I learnt about Apteco’s FastStats tool and how to use it, I had practice with this and helped build feedback surveys using Google Forms to be distributed to the users. I also studied Power BI and had practice building visual reports with data gathered from Google Analytics.

Then my work took me to the developer team where I learnt about websites and how to build them. This led me to making a website called Indigo Online Portal which is now in use by some of Adroit’s clients with over 150 users globally. With the help of part of the developer team I built this site from scratch using WordPress. This portal serves as a support forum, Q&A page, blog site and a resource site full of training videos and manuals on FastStats and the Indigo App.

Throughout my time there I participated in meetings and conference calls where I assess my progress, or just listen in and learn.

It was an experience invaluable to my professional career and has certainly developed my transferable skills, I’ve learnt so much that I can take with me to future employers.

I really appreciate everything the team has done for me and how they have gone out of their way to teach me. I am very grateful for Shelley taking me under her wing and granting me this opportunity and really hope to see the team again!

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