Working From Home

Working From Home

Working From Home

5 Tips

Due to the current global situation, many companies in several industries are working from home. Working from home can challenge productivity due to the environment and distractions. In this short post we will provide 5 tips to improve productivity.

1. Time management

In order to stay productive when you are working from home, you need to manage your time effectively.

Pick a start and end time and implement boundaries to complete your work activities within these times.

Try to wake up at a similar time as you normally would, your commute would have been time to wake up and engage your brain and you still need this time.

Use the commute time to read your to-do list or a blog, make sure you are in ‘work mode’ before any scheduled calls. Do not roll out of bed at 5 to 9 for a 9 O’Clock call!

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2. Routine

When working from home, keep your routine as similar as possible to your daily office routine. This will keep you in good stead for productively as well as meeting your body clock’s needs too.

Plan your routine ahead of time. If you normally have a coffee and chat with a work colleague before you start work, schedule this in.

You could use your calendar by setting reminders for work projects to stay on track.

Do you normally have an office radio? Put that on so that your psychological state is in the same environment (unless you really hated the office radio station). Turning to your favourite music or TV shows can be tempting but lead to distraction!

3. Workspace

Dedicate a space for working which is the closest to your desk space.

Don’t be tempted into slouching on the sofa or lying in bed. Not only can this be unproductive; it is bad for your posture.

Did your office have a clear desk policy? Keep this up! Did you have a picture of your pet? Put it up. These are all cues to your psychological state that you are at work.

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4. Breaks

Make sure you schedule breaks into your working day to get up and stretch your legs. If you are not self-isolating, pop out and go for a walk or sit in the garden. You are at risk or burning out if you do not have any breaks at home or in the office.

5. Socialise

Use technologies to stay connected, use the chat systems you have or video calls to stay connected to your colleagues.

You may feel even more connected than you did in the office using these technologies.

If you are not very confident, then this is the time to become an expert in these technologies with a load of free courses available at the moment. Here are the best video chat apps that you can use according to TechCrunch.

The key takeaway is to create an environment that is tailored to improve your own productivity with the least amount of distractions possible.


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