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More powerful with Adroit

Adroit helps you get the most out of the Apteco suite of products.
Our team of experts will ensure a smooth integration of into your business, customizing our services to fit your exact needs. From consultancy through to implementation and running, we will provide on-going support, advice and training so you can make sure your organisation is making the most of this powerful software.

How we implement

  • Solution Consultancy to specify and define your marketing objectives and business requirements
  • Pragmatic integration and development to ensure all data feeds are consolidated and fed into your database and FastStats
  • Development of Single Customer View or SQL Layer to merge different file sources – full ETL including SSIS development
  • Integration of Digital components and ESPs with appropriate APIs & web service developments
  • We provide hosting (if required) in Class 1 Data Centre, and deliver support through a tailored help-desk solution.

How we train & support

Our trainers are officially accredited FastStats training consultants, and are also expert ‘hands-on’ FastStats practitioners, which enables us to provide exemplary post implementation support and help our clients gain value from their investment in FastStats.

  • Bespoke training tailored to your business needs
  • A professional services team of developers, analysts and consultants to ensure your FastStats system is optimised.
  • A support team trained to handle your queries

Our credentials

  • A leading provider of FastStats and PeopleStage since 2012
  • We’ve won multiple awards for our Apteco capabilities
  • Multiple long standing clients across a range of sectors
  • Collaboration partner for product development
  • First partner to implement social integrations

Our Apteco clients include


Faststats is the ultimate customer data modelling tool that helps you predict customer behaviour and make informed decisions.


Unlock the power of your data

The Faststats modelling module provides you with the capability to predict customer behaviour and make informed decisions. With our powerful model, you can score, rank and segment every record in your database.

Gain deeper insights into customers

With Faststats, you can gain deeper insights into your customers by creating customer profiles and cluster analysis. This allows you to better understand their needs and preferences, so you can tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Make smarter decisions faster

Faststats helps you make smarter decisions faster by providing real-time analytics and insights. This allows you to quickly identify trends and opportunities in your customer data, so you can act on them quickly.


Peoplestage is Apteco’s interactive multi-channel campaign management application that enables you to implement marketing process flow diagrams and automate your marketing through a variety of channels.


Create personalized campaigns

Create highly personalized campaigns that are tailored to each individual customer. With its powerful segmentation capabilities, you can target the right customers with the right message at the right time.

Efficiently manage campaigns

PeopleStage makes it easy for multiple users to manage campaigns efficiently and effectively. You can quickly create, edit, and launch campaigns in a few clicks, and track their progress in real-time.

Optimize your campaigns

PeopleStage, you can easily optimize your campaigns by testing different messages and targeting strategies. This helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts and maximize ROI.


Orbit is the ultimate data sharing and analysis platform that allows you to share insights and campaign performance data.


Unlock the power of your data

With Orbit, you can easily access and share insights and campaign data between all stakeholders, marketing, and analysis teams. Orbit allows you to quickly analyze your data in real-time, giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Share your insights with everyone

Orbit makes it easy to share your insights with everyone in your organization. Whether they are licensed FastStats users or not, they will be able to access the same information as you.

Make smarter decisions faster

The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to quickly analyze their data in real-time. With Orbit, you can make smarter decisions faster than ever before!

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