Audience Insight

Understanding your customers better, enables you to create more meaningful connections with them.

Our range of methods, from social listening to quantitative research will help you gain a richer, more in-depth understanding of your audiences. 

Our tools and techniques help you to uncover the emotional drivers behind customer behaviour and create powerful connections with them. We provide insights into how people think and feel about your brand, product or cause so that you can tailor your message accordingly.

Social listening

Our social listening tools allow you to track conversations across multiple channels, giving you the power to understand what your customers and supporters are saying about your brand.


Quantitative research

Charity specific quantitative research projects for your cold and warm audiences through a mix of channel delivery


Identify how distinct segments differ within your audience.  We can help you identify which segments promise the greatest opportunity and explore how best to craft and tailor engagement strategies and creative messaging for each segment.


We use a range of profiling tools such as CACI’s Acorn and Mosaic from Experian to provide you with detailed insights into your customer or supporter base, including demographics, lifestyle indicators , motivations, attitudes, and more. This allows you to make smarter decisions, define your target audiences more accurately and tailor creative messaging to fit their profile.

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