Helping you turn social data into actionable insights

Using our range of powerful platforms and non-traditional data sources, you can identify unique insights and create stories that resonate with your target audience

Brand Intelligence

We help you measuring the visibility of your brand, not only through digital brand analytics, but also through the analysis of your own historic data.

Learn how to prevent the decline of your brand visibility and how to anticipate the interests of your audience to improve how your actual and potential audience perceive your brand.

Competitor Intelligence

Get a full overview of your competitors. Our competitor analysis obtains for you the key data which will help you to develop the best growth strategy for your brand.

Find out what your competitor are doing and how their digital campaigns are impacting in your audience. Identify your competitors’ audiences and learn how to target them.

Content Audit

We provide a complete audit of your digital content, by combining data obtained from Digital Audience Analysis, Social Listening and the own historic data of the brand.

We identify through the content analysis behaviour patterns and interests of your audience, so that you can develop the most efficient content for each of your audience segments you want to target in each of your communications channels.

Conversation analysis

Our Social Listening capabilities will track your campaigns and even your competitors’ campaigns through your Social Media channels. We are not only able to identify how your campaign and brand is impacting on different audiences, but also how different segments of your audience are feeling regarding certain topics used in your communications.

Campaign Analysis

Create an effective campaign strategy through A/B testing of your content. We will track and measure the impact of each of your test content for every segment you are targeting. So that you can launch your final campaigns with the certainty you have optimized your budget and efforts.