Campaign Services

Designing effective audience journeys is becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. With so many options available, it can be difficult to ensure that your journeys are not only effective but can be deployed efficiently. We can help.

Campaign delivery

Data can play a vital role in transforming your campaign delivery from a time consuming, complex manual process to an automated approach, transforming your ability to deliver the most relevant and effective messages to the right audiences.  We provide practical support with audience selections & campaign automations.

Journey mapping

Using our experience in the charity sector we can help define and map communication journeys that maximise the potential to retain and grow supporters.  Examples of this work include mapping welcome and nursery journeys, legacy journeys, ‘give again’ and conversion programmes.

Implementing supporter journeys through Apteco Peoplestage

For Apteco users we’re ideally placed to bridge the gap between your creative agency and implementing journeys into Peoplestage.  Often creative agencies may design complex  journeys without knowing the practical implications from an implementation, deployment and measurement perspective.

With our experience of Peoplestage we work with both your agency and fundraising team to ensure journeys reflect the overall strategy but can be delivered efficiently.


Incorporating supporter satisfaction into supporter journeys

Our strategic framework allows charities to design supporter journeys and experiences to create satisfied and committed supporter.

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