Data Analysis

Our team of analysts are experienced in using a range of advanced analytical tools and technologies to help you get the most out of your data.
An insightful answer demands two things – the technical ability to uncover the problem, and the sector knowledge to understand how to tackle the problem.  We have both. 

So whether it’s using descriptive analytics to help you understand what’s happening in the past to predictive analytics to anticipate what will happen, we focus on delivering insightful answers most relevant and important to your team and organisation.

Propensity modeling

Our team are experienced in using a range of analytical methods to identify your most promising supporters and customers – helping to make your campaigns as cost-effective as possible.

Prompt Ask analysis

Identifying the most appropriate financial ask for supporters is a tried and tested method that can make a meaningful difference to campaign performance.

We combine an extensive ‘real world’ experience of prompt strategies together with new learnings from case studies around the world and academic research into optimising donor behaviour.

Audience migration

We provide RFV analysis. Lifecycle grids and churn analysis to help you understand the changing behaviours of your supporters an customers.  With our expertise, you can identify changing patterns and make better decisions quickly.

Next Best Action

Using predictive analytics we can help you develop and deploy a data-driven approach to communication journeys, ensuring your audience receive the most relevant ask, products and offers tailored at an individual level.

Lifetime Value Analysis

Quantifying your supporters’ Lifetime Value or Net Donor Value remains the pinnacle of supporter measurement an the foundation of donor profitability management.  We have an unrivalled amount of expertise helping charities define, calculate an monitor these crucial metrics.

Income forecasting

In addition to creating bespoke forecasting tools for the commercial sector, charities from around the world are benefiting from our range of propriety forecasting tools for regular giving income and legacy income.


Thanks to the work of our team and data partner Adroit, our data is in the best shape it has been in over a decade, giving fundraising, campaigning and volunteering a great base to start to work from, so thank you everyone so much for your professionalism and determination in making this part of the project a success

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