Data Systems

We design and implement customer data management solutions tailored to meet your current database marketing needs and requirements, but with an eye to the future to adapt as your business grows.

Single Customer View

Gaining a holistic view of your customers is a challenge. With siloed data and complex legacy systems, it can be difficult to connect the dots and get a full understanding of customer behaviour and preferences.  Our Single Customer View solutions are built to give you a comprehensive understanding of your customers, creating a 360-degree view, and enabling you to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.

Data Warehousing

Adroit is the go-to partner for enterprise-level data warehousing solutions in MS Azure. We have decades worth of experience in developing and building data warehouses, whether following a traditional Kimball design and lifestyle approach to Microsoft Azure Modern Data Warehouse approach.  Our development methodology ensures that our clients are always up to date with the project timeline and can react to specification changes.

Data Ingestion

ETL processes allow organizations to extract data from multiple sources, transform it into a usable format, and load it into a database or other storage system for further analysis.   We develop in core Microsoft components, whether with SQL Server using the standard SQL stack technologies for ETL, such as SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), or using MS Azure and Data Factory.  We can integrate and deploy using a suite of tools such as MatchIT and Wherescape.

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