Adroit offers unrivalled expertise and experience in the field of benchmarking organisations. We proudly produce the Indigo and Indigo Digital benchmarking studies – the World's largest and most indepth benchmark of global fundraising performance.


Indigo exists to drive global fundraising excellence for a better world.

Indigo is an IFL Forum study of Individual Giving behaviour across different organisations and markets. The study is built from anonymised donor and gift records stretching back for the previous 6 calendar years.

For the Indigo study Adroit audit, collate, model, analyse and present your data to draw out key insights. Typically, over 1 billion gift records are processed on 80-90 million individual donors.

  • 27 markets
  • 105 organisations
  • Delivered via Power BI dashboards
  • Multiple market based webinars to share insights
  • Wide range of Individual Giving metrics

Indigo Digital

Indigo Digital is a benchmarking study from the IFL Forum that brings together a range of digital metrics and audience behaviours across multiple markets into a single, easy to use reporting tool.

Now in its third year Indigo Digital enables participants to benchmark their own digital activity against both their direct competitors and understand how the fastest growing charities are achieving their success. So whether digital activity is in its infancy at your organisation, or a longstanding and vital component of your fundraising strategy, Indigo Digital can offer actionable insights to help your digital fundraising flourish.

  • Identify your strongest and weakest channels in comparison to peers
  • Understand the role of seasonality on engagement levels
  • Identify audiences you’re failing to engage
  • Google Trends
  • URL Traffic
  • Share of Search
  • Digital revenue


Bespoke benchmarking

In addition to developing benchmarking studies across different organisations we can help your organisation benchmark your performance overtime, across different countries you fundraise within, or within the category you work within, for instance International Development or Animal Welfare.

Running your own benchmarking project offers you the flexibility to include your very own metrics and the opportunity to benchmark performance at a granular level.

We can also undertake market reports that include additional features such as published fundraising data from other charities, digital metrics including search, economic factors and demographic information.