We offer a range of best-in-class software and our own proprietary tools that enable you to get the very best from your data.

Apteco Marketing Suite

Adroit is a Premium Partner of Apteco, the ultimate customer analytics and audience targeting software. Read how it can help you convert data into actionable insights, so you can better understand your customers and target them more effectively



PropheSee is Adroit’s powerful ‘off-the-shelf’ Regular Giving Forecasting application giving your charity the ability to accurately predict future regular giving volumes and income based on current and future fundraising activity.



Calculating an accurate long-term forecast of legacy income is crucial to most charities but incredibly challenging to achieve. Our interactive tool enables legacy fundraisers to identify what mix of legacy marketing activity will deliver the greatest return over the next 30 year period.



Springboard is a performance scorecard framework for fundraisers that measures performance across a selected range of critical metrics. Designed to help you measure performance through four ‘lenses’ – Outputs, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Volatility,

Springboard provides the framework for a concise yet thorough performance review that hones in on just the metrics that matter.

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