The Childrens Society

Streamlining campaigns with FastStats

The Childrens Society
When it came to fundraising campaigns The Children's Society, like so many other charities, faced the challenge of how to balance the need to create effective audience selections but without that process dominating the data teams' time. With the number of campaign selections required increasing it was evident that an alternative approach was required.

The problem

The Children’s Society (TCS) were requiring a new solution to empower their systems team in creating campaign selections. They embarked on a journey with Adroit to design and implement a FastStats system to streamline the campaign selections.

The intention was to then allow fundraisers to develop better targeted campaigns, resulting in stronger long-term mutually beneficial relationships with supporters. The Children’s Society faced several issues:

  • Campaign selections took weeks, consuming the majority of the data teams’ time
  • Fundraisers had little access to data or any supporter insights
  • The complex supporter roles logic was held within the SQL layer, and confidence in the accuracy and the ability to maintain this code was low

The Solution

Together The Children’s Society & Adroit solved these issues using FastStats by:

  • Designing & implementing a novel FastStats design which allowed marketers to select individual supporters, based on logic applied to a related organisation supporter
  • Developed several powerful, interactive Excelsior profiling tools, allowing fundraisers to understand the profile of supporters, thus informing effective cross-selling activities
  • Migrating the Supporter Role logic into FastStats and fully automating the extract back into the source system using the task scheduler functionality within Discoverer, thus giving ownership of the code back to the marketing teams whilst ensuring data within the source system is always accurate