Stroke Association

Developing insights from supporter journeys

Stroke Association
Adroit worked with Stroke Association to implement a supporter journey strategy and robust reporting mechanism that could be deployed via quarterly database extracts and streamed into a Power BI reporting environment hosted by Adroit.

The problem

Understanding the effectiveness of how we treat supporters and the journeys we take them on is for many charities increasingly difficult. Whether it’s introducing new supporters segments, new products or testing new approaches on how best to engage supporters, our ability to understand what experience supporters are receiving and how effective those communication journeys are becomes ever more complex and difficult to measure.

This is the position the Stroke Association found itself in – with an expanding product portfolio how could the fundraising team ensure the supporter journeys they had developed were supporting the strategic ambitions of growing income whilst maintaining supporter profitability?

The solution

The importance of building effective supporter journeys was well established within the Stroke Association team and within Adroit. Both sharing the knowledge that only by communicating the right sequence of messages and actions, at the right time and with the right call to action will you potentially maximise supporter engagement and build stronger long-term relationships.

Working with Stroke Association stakeholders and their creative agency, Adroit first reviewed the strategic priorities of the journey teams for seven key audience groups – Donors, Fundraisers, Campaigners, Volunteers, Beneficiaries, Non-transactional supporters, and Health & Social Care Deliverers.

Specific key indicators were identified for the performance of each audience, and only then did we collectively define the common indicators that would enable consistent and comparable monitoring of journey effectiveness, volumes, and income (among many others), across all of the audience segments. It’s these indicators that would help the fundraising team to spot trends and react swiftly to challenges and opportunities.

The outcome

At the heart of the project outcomes were a series of audience dashboards that transformed the ability of the team to gain an accurate understanding of the behaviours of each of their key audiences. And now equipped with accurate and up-to-date information the team was better able to identify where they should focus their attention and resources to make significant differences to the experience supporters were receiving.

We love how this project demonstrates that when the knowledge, skills, and viewpoints of different teams come together then real and lasting improvements can be made quickly and cost-effectively.