How can you improve your Digital Fundraising?

How can you improve your Digital Fundraising?

How can you improve your Digital Fundraising without knowing how other organisations are succeeding in their digital communications and donor acquisitions?

Improving Digital Fundraising is increasingly more important for Non-for-Profit organisations, as it has proven to be a great asset to gain single giving donors in the last years.

Our global benchmarking study INDIGO shows that digital recruitment of Single Giving Donors is growing since 2020, while other fundraising channels, such as Face 2 Face and Telemarketing, are declining. This has driven many organisations to focusing on digital fundraising and to optimising their digital fundraising strategies.

Chart showing the donor acquisition volumes per year and channel

How do you create a successful Digital Fundraising Strategy?

To create successful digital fundraising strategies NFP’s need to monitor their digital activity and track the interactions of their digital audience, to identify what content is working better in terms of visibility impact and donor acquisition and what channels are best suited to promote the content. Digital Audience Analysis combined with the activity and donation data of the organization is key to understand what is happening in the digital area of your fundraising landscape.

Adroit has developed an interactive application that combines search, social and digital donation data, so that Non-for-Profit organisations can analyse the main activity metrics of social media platforms and also data from Google Search, related to their organization and similar organizations in the Fundraising market.  

This application is INDIGO DIGITAL, which has been developed as a complementary study to INDIGO, the largest Fundraising benchmarking study in the world.

Indigo Digital

INDIGO DIGITAL collects key metrics from the main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and allows each organization to analyse its own data or in combination with the data of other organizations, within its market. Creating a benchmark analysis of the relevant digital audience activity.  

The data sets are updated on a monthly basis, what allows to monitor the growth or decline of engagement and visibility metrics month by month. The interactive report even allows a drill down, identifying the specific posts that generated the interactions.

This analysis helps organizations to assess the impact that their successive communication campaigns have among followers on their organization social media profiles, but also on the general audience and the audience of other organizations.

The added value of INDIGO DIGITAL is the capacity to offer the data of other organisations in one single application.

To be able to compare your digital performance and impact with the organisations in your market helps to understand who is succeeding in their communications and where their engagement comes from.

Through Indigo Digital it is possible to identify the appropriate Social Media Platform for each organisations, project or topic.

Indigo Digital helps to identify the most effective content and social media platform to promote content and gain donors by offering Insights for the engagement, the visibility and the content impact, on each social media platform of your audience and that of other organisations in your market.

Graph showing a bar chart witn engagement rates by organisation and social media platform

A tracking tool to obtain the engagement rates of your organisation and the engagement rates of your competitors can be of greate value if you want to compare your activity and campaigns in the different social media plataforms.

Are you a responsible for Digital Fundraising in your organization and you would like to hear more about INDIGO DIGITAL? Contact us!