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At Adroit, we take your data and turn it into actionable insights. Whether you’re looking to grow your income, gain campaign efficiencies or tackle attrition, we’ll get you the evidence you need to make the right decisions.

Some of our clients

Adroit is my most trusted partner for data analytics and insights. Because of their partnership, we have a much deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in front of us, and how to take data-driven decisions in support of our strategy. The team at Adroit is a joy to work with.

Justin Staebell, Global Director
Investment & Performance Management. World Vision International

Discover Indigo

Indigo, the world’s largest Individual Giving benchmarking study, provides participates with a unique window into fundraising performance across the World.

  • Across 27 countries
  • 105 organisations
  • Uses actual donor transactions, not survey data!
  • Wide range of Individual Giving metrics
  • Delivered via Interactive dashboards
  • Multiple market based webinars to share insights

“There’s no other product that offers so much information at a global, regional and market level, and in so much detail.”


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Indigo benchmarking

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